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Dear Grand Rapids Public Museum High School Parents, Guardians and Staff:

On 4/1/21, we were notified that a student or staff member at Grand Rapids Public Museum High School has tested positive for COVID-19. We are following the procedures for a positive test and working with the Kent County Health Department to notify any staff member or students who may be considered close contacts.

The KCHD defines “close contact” as either:

  • Being within six feet of a COVID-19 infected person for 15 minutes or more (with or without a mask)
  • Having direct contact with infectious secretions from a COVID-19 infected person or a person with any COVID-19 symptom(s) (e.g., being coughed on). 

There were no close contacts identified with this case.

The district is required to notify the Kent County Health Department of any positive tests of students or staff. The Grand Rapids Public Schools Health Services staff will conduct contact tracing and may contact you with quarantine instructions if it is determined that you are a close contact.

Under HIPAA Laws, we are required to protect the confidentiality of this individual unless there is a reason to inform you of their identity. We are informing you that we are moving forward under the guidance of the Kent County Health Department and that measures have been taken to protect the wellbeing of staff, students and families.

Please continue to monitor yourself for any new symptoms that may be related to COVID-19. If you notice changes in your health, please contact your medical provider immediately and consider getting tested.

As always, the safety of our staff and students is our first priority. All affected areas are being thoroughly cleaned using district approved disinfectant. If you have questions or concerns regarding COVID-19, please contact me or our school nurse.


Dr. Christopher Hanks, Principal


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Student Daily Health Screener

Click here to complete the student health screener before your student comes to school each day.

Each student will need their own form.

Located downtown in the original public museum, students get a truly unique experience working with Museum employees to catalog and research artifacts and curate exhibits all while exploring the core theme. Building on the work students did in middle school, they continue the design thinking process and build on the principles of place-based learning utilizing the museum as a resource for these methods.

The Public Museum High School was one of ten schools internationally to receive the XQ Super School grant. This funding has allowed for GRPS and the Museum School to continue to innovate.


Preparing for their Future

Providing truly unique hands-on experiences within different career fields and community organizations, Museum High School offers students opportunities for internships within fields of interest as well as dual enrollment.

museum high students The building, completely renovated in 2018, connects the archives to state of the art technology. The art design lab includes 3D printers, laser and vinyl cutters, and robust technology to support students’ work. Taking a step further, this integrates theme classes, including social studies, science, and English language arts, as well as STEM to help students apply their conceptual knowledge to real-world projects.

Culture and Environment

Students receive an enriched and thematic education. Central themes include industrialization and social change, social crisis and response, conflict and cooperation, technology and power, conditions of life and energy and revolutions.

Each of these themes connects with projects that engage multiple community partners and empowers students to make real change in their community and world. 

Your Community School

Museum School is reinventing high school. Students are part of small cohorts that work collaboratively, co-taught by teachers, creating a culture of community of learners. Greater emphasis is placed on community, as the school recognizes downtown as an extension of the classroom, providing students the opportunity to further build on place-based learning principles.

The Grand Rapids Public Museum School is the product of an ongoing educational collaboration between the Grand Rapids Public Museum, Grand Rapids Public Schools, Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University, Grand Valley State University, the City of Grand Rapids, Downtown Grand Rapids, Inc., XQ Super School, and parents, through the Parent Teacher Community Council (PTCC).

Dr Christopher Hanks

Christopher Hanks, Ph.D.

54 Jefferson Ave. SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Phone: 616-819-6450
Fax: 616-819-6452

Breakfast 7:55 a.m.
Start Time 8:15 a.m.
Dismissal 2:55 p.m.
Half Day Dismissal 11:25 a.m.