1775 Buchanan Ave, SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49507
Phone: 616-819-2252 | Fax: 616-819-2249

Breakfast 8:10 a.m.
Start Time 8:30 a.m. 
Dismissal 3:26 p.m.
Half Day Dismissal 11:40 a.m.

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Consider Buchanan Elementary for your child if:

  • You value a bilingual school community.
  • You are seeking teachers who believe in your child’s potential to learn and achieve.
  • You want your child to learn in an environment of high expectations.
  • You believe staff should collaborate with one another on a regular basis.
  • You value the educational fundamentals of math, reading and writing, social studies, and science.
  • You need a school that provides preschool programming.


Buchanan Elementary is a cultural center, which provides services and support to English language learners. The bilingual transition team works with students and communicates with families to ensure all parents have the opportunity to be involved in their child’s education, regardless of their native language.


Buchanan Elementary is proud to have an outstanding team of teachers and support staff. In fact, 91% of parents surveyed said they feel like the school’s staff cares about their child. Students enjoy a welcoming learning environment where staff work together to meet the needs of all children.


The parents at Buchanan Elementary are committed to partnering with school staff to build a positive, collaborative learning environment. Parents are welcomed and encouraged to be involved by school staff. The result is a collaborative partnership that benefits all students.


A recent survey showed that 88% of students feel safe at Buchanan Elementary. Students participate in a program known as Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (PBIS). Students are recognized for making good choices and showing positive behavior. The number of students being recognized for good behavior at monthly PBIS celebrations has consistently increased, while referrals to the office for behavior issues have steadily decreased.


Buchanan Elementary staff are working hard to ensure that students are meeting and exceeding their goals. As a result, the number of students at or above grade level has increased over the past 3 years. Students are developing the important skills they need to be college and career-ready! 



Halima Ismail
Email: ismailh@grps.org

Jihnny Marchena
Head Secretary
Email: marchenaj@grps.org

Mayda Bahamonde Gunnel
Executive Director of Transitional Bilingual/Dual Language Programs, EL, Migrant, Equity and Inclusion and Shared Time
Email: bahamondem@grps.org