3143 Milo St. NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49534
Phone: 616-819-2555 | Fax: 616-819-5243

Breakfast 7:50 a.m.
Start Time 8:10 a.m.
Dismissal 3:06 p.m.
Half Day Dismissal 11:20 a.m.


Blandford School offers outdoor learning experiences and a rigorous curriculum that helps students achieve academic excellence through dedication, creativity, and teamwork.

Consider Blandford School for your child if:

  • You are seeking teachers who believe in your child’s potential to learn and achieve.
  • You want your child to learn in a nationally recognized educational environment.
  • You value a hands-on, practice-driven learning experience.
  • You have a child who is ready for an exciting new challenge.
  • You want a curriculum designed to provide a once-in-a-lifetime educational experience.


Volunteer opportunities for student community engagement available through Blandford Nature Center include trail guiding, the Fall Harvest Festival, and Sugar Bush.


The classroom at Blandford School is as much in the ponds, streams, woods, and fields as it is in the school building. Each fall and spring, students take camping trips to learn outdoor skills and participate in team building. Students also learn important business skills by raising chickens and selling the eggs they collect.


Blandford School is not only in the top 5% in all of Michigan on combined measures of student achievement and growth, but was also recognized in the top 25 “Coolest Schools in America” by Parent and Child Magazine. Blandford School is a program for gifted and talented students, led by teachers who understand their needs and abilities.


In addition to the required sixth grade curriculum, Blandford School offers special units of instruction on dendrology, snow and Lake Michigan ecology, cartography, geology, ornithology, economics, environmental threats, wild flowers, Michigan history, and more.


Blandford School has a 40 year history of providing students with unique opportunities they won’t find anywhere else, including:

  • Chicken adoption
  • International dinner
  • Performing A Christmas Carol
  • Fall and spring camp
  • Sugarbush
  • Science fair
  • BEEP Bazaar
  • Frogging night
  • Wildflower tea


The Blandford 1-3 Program provides a unique, hands-on, environmental learning experience for every 1st and 3rd grade student in GRPS. Approximately 2,500 students visit Blandford Nature Center every year between September and May. Teachers choose from a menu of programs that are aligned with state standards and the district curriculum. First grade programs include Seeds and Plants, Growing Up Healthy, Winter Explorers, Sugarbush, and Birds of a Feather. Third grade programs include Anishinabek Lifeways, The Farm-A Food Factory, Producers-Consumers-Decomposers, Wildlife with a Backbone, and Sugarbush Then and Now. The visits are about an hour and a half. However, based on teacher feedback, we are expanding the 3rd grade visits to 2 hours to ensure a higher quality learning experience consistent with the programming provided by Blandford. The field trips expose students to life, earth, and space sciences with each of the programs aligned to state science curriculum standards at the first or third grade level. These trips are made possible thanks to the generous support of the Grand Rapids Student Advancement Foundation.

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