The leaders and elected officials from the Grand Rapids Public Schools and the City of Grand Rapids gathered in front of the We Are GRCalder on July 31, 2012, to launch a first of its kind joint communications initiative aimed at generating new, improved and expanded communications at little to no cost to the taxpayers.

City and school leaders touted the new initiative as further evidence of the intergovernmental cooperation and partnership that already exists between the two organizations to "do more with less".

We Are GR is a publication that replaces the Grand Rapids Public Schools' "Highlights" as well as the City of Grand Rapids' "Parks and Recreation Guide". Readers will receive the same level of information they are accustomed to reading, as well as information about Grand Rapids Public Schools' programs, the City's initiatives related to transformation, and new partnership opportunities between the two organizations.

In addition to the We Are GR newspaper, the city and schools launched a website that includes news and information about daily, weekly, and monthly happenings.