Student Policy Handbook English | Student Policy Handbook Spanish

This Uniform Discipline Code for Student Conduct contains the rules and regulations necessary for maintaining a positive  educational environment. The goal of discipline in schools is to assist students in learning and displaying self-discipline or  control of their own behavior. Attainment of this goal depends on the good judgment and compassion of teachers,  understanding and leadership by administrators, and the support of all Parent(s)/Guardian(s) within the community. Its  success is predicated on the belief that it will be openly communicated and implemented as a cooperative effort between  Parent(s)/Guardian(s), students, and staff. 

In order to create a safe and orderly learning environment in our schools it is also important that we recognize it is a team  effort. The team consists of Parent(s)/Guardian(s), school staff and students working together; creating relationships that  will not only positively impact the school environment but improve student achievement as well. An active commitment to  these suggestions contributes to each student’s success in school.