Strategic Plan

The GRPS Transformation Plan, developed in 2012, gained state and national attention as an urban turnaround success story. To address the growing changes in our community, GRPS is building on the successes of the 2012 GRPS Transformation Plan through our 2021 Strategic Planning.

Through our strategic planning process, we are charting a new course based on the context of the current academic, social, emotional, public health, and economic environment of the community we serve. As a board and district, we are committed to an authentic, inclusive, transparent, and comprehensive process of community engagement, with emphasis on a diverse set of stakeholders reflective of the district and city demographics. Equity must be at the center of all decisions, in every aspect of the strategic plan.

Click here to view our Strategic Plan Overview. 

One of the first big steps in this process is a communitywide survey open to all stakeholders – internal and external. We want to hear from students, parents, guardians, staff, community partners, alumni, former staff, prospective parents, taxpayers, and everyone in our community. Please take 10 minutes to respond to this survey about our current strengths or assets, and our opportunities for improvement.

The survey is managed by a third-party strategy consultant. All responses will go directly to them and are anonymous. The results of the survey will be available on the GRPS website later this summer.

Click here to access the survey using any computer, tablet or mobile phone. The survey will be open until June 30th. Thank you for taking the time to shape our future.

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