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State & Federal Programs

Title I provides federal funding to schools that serve an area with high poverty. The funding is targeted to students who are at risk of falling behind academically. Title I funding provides supplemental instruction for students who are economically disadvantaged or at risk of failing to meet state standards. 

Targeted Assistance grants under Title I provide supplementary instruction to children who are failing or most at risk of failing to meet the district’s core academic curriculum standards. The grant will only allow identified students to participate in the program. The ratio of students may fluctuate throughout the year and students may be added or dropped based on academic need.

Section 31A of Title I (At Risk Students) is a grant that provides supplementary instructional and pupil support services for pupils who meet the at-risk criteria specified in the legislation. Criteria includes: low achievement on state assessments or the presence of two or more identified at-risk factors. Funds are limited to direct services to pupils and may not be used for administrative or other related costs. 

Title I is administered through the Michigan Department of Education (MDE)). At GRPS, the Department of Community and Student Affairs is responsible for managing Title I program services.