Pine Grove Learning Center


What a happening month October has been! Given that my whole family celebrates a birthday in October, it's always that way for me at home. October at work has also provided a bit of high pace action. I want to introduce our new nurse, Cindy Horvath. Cindy Horvath joined us earlier this month. Click here to read more..


Pine Grove parents are the BEST!! I want to thank you all for starting the 2015/2016 school year off with great attendance. We had two students absent on the first day of school and we were able to account for those students because parents called the main office to report the absence. In addition to attendance, Click here to read more..


The holiday season is upon us. What a joyous time! Along with all that joy comes some positive and negative stress as we plan, coordinate, and prepare for our participation in traditions and memory making moments. Click here to read more..


Happy Holidays! Let me be the first to wish you a Happy New Year! The holiday season is upon us and in just three weeks it will be 2016. I hope all of you enjoy a wonderful holiday season with family and friends. Click here to read more..