The Grand Rapids Public School's Office of Information Services (OIS) is responsible for the student registration process, student records and transcripts, and archiving student records. 

In addition, OIS staff help teachers and administrators in their work by providing them with timely, accurate, reliable, and relevant information. Staff evaluate district programs, oversee major assessment programs, train other staff in how to use data to improve practices, and develop systems to make data accessible to staff, parents, students, and the public.

Change of Address

Please visit your student's main office to make a change of address.  Bring your driver's license/state ID and a utility bill or piece of mail with your name and your new address listed to validate the change.  It is important to keep your address current so you can receive report cards and special announcements from your student's school and the Grand Rapids Public School's District.

Student Assessments

OIS staff oversee all major testing programs required by federal and state legislation.

OIS also oversees the district’s major summative assessment program – Measures of Academic Progress.


OIS staff lead many of the district’s largest grant writing efforts. Annual grants totaling millions of dollars fund many of the district’s most important educational programs – Title I, Title II, English Language Learner services, and LOOP After-School Programs. In addition, OIS staff support the grant-writing efforts of teachers, who annually solicit grants worth hundreds of thousands of dollars for needs at the school and classroom level.


OIS provides information to district staff, the Board of Education, and the public on our progress in meeting various state and federal accountability measures, such as those stipulated in the No Child Left Behind legislation.

Research Partnerships
OIS is responsible for reviewing and approving all requests from outside entities - individuals and organizations - for conducting research in the district. OIS follows all applicable state and federal laws in ensuring the confidential sharing, maintenance, and use of district records. OIS monitors these research projects to ensure they are being conducted with fidelity to formal Data Sharing Agreements and protocols. OIS communicates information about the implementation of these research projects to other district staff and facilitates the sharing of research findings when they are completed.