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A neighborhood school focused on nature proudly offering strong academics and caring staff in a safe and secure learning environment. Ken-O-Sha Park Elementary students participate in hands on learning in the school and surrounding Ken-O-Sha Park. The park serves as a natural classroom where students learn about native prairie plants and spend time learning outdoors.

Consider Ken-O-Sha Elementary for your child if:
- You are seeking teachers who believe in your child’s potential to learn and achieve.
- You want your child to learn in an environment tailored to his or her special needs.
- You value the benefits of early identification and intervention.
- You value strong relationships with faculty and other parents.

Ken-O-Sha ELEMENTARY Elementary is proud to offer:

- Parent Teacher Community Council.
- Grand Rapids Oral Deaf program.

- Support for Physically or Otherwise Health Impaired students.

Ken-O-Sha Park has seen double digit growth in reading and math test scores over the last three years. Staff are trained to identify individual student needs and customize their teaching to the student to help them succeed. 93% of parents feel Ken-O-Sha promotes academic success.

The teachers at Ken-O-Sha Park are committed to student success. They go above and beyond to ensure that student’s needs are met, that parents are involved in their child’s education, and that students have a positive experience. In a recent survey, 88% of parents said the school provides their child with additional support when needed.

Parents are their child’s first teacher and Ken-O-Sha Park recognizes how important it is for parents to be an active part of their child’s education. Kenosha Park is proud to have high parent participation rates. On average, 100% of parents participate in parent teacher conferences. Families also participate in Literacy Nights, Fall and Spring Open Houses, and monthly Pastries with Parents. 90% of parents said they have regular opportunities to be involved at Ken-O-Sha.

A recent survey showed that 87% of parents feel their student is safe at Ken-O-Sha Park. Students participate in a program known as Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (PBIS). Students are recognized for making good choices and showing positive behavior. The number of students being recognized for good behavior at monthly PBIS celebrations has consistently increased, while referrals to the office for behavior issues have steadily decreased.

Students have the opportunity to learn in unique educational environments, including the surrounding park, trail system, rain garden, creek, and prairie.