GRAND RAPIDS, MI— #MyReason… We have just completed a week of celebrating the oil that greases the wheels of education- our teachers. Their amazing dedication, involvement, engagement and attitude they bring for our students never ceases to amaze. We realize it, but we rarely say it. We appreciate it, but we rarely applaud it.

This week the community of partners associated with Innovation Central High School came together to show it loud and proud how valuable we feel our teachers are to the welfare of our students, the success of our school and the beacon of our community. The partners from the Academy for Design & Construction, particularly the Association of Builders and Contractors, West Michigan Chapter brought the building staff lunch on Monday. Wonderful sandwiches from Trailhead Café and great conversation made the lunch period seem far too short. On Tuesday, the Academy of Modern Engineering, especially Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber (FTC&H) treated our staff to a wonderful breakfast with bacon, eggs, biscuits, potatoes and juices. The meal was great, however, the time was pressed as school was set to begin. Wednesday, our partners at GVSU’s Gear Up were gracious enough to provide a boxed lunch from MLive Best Sub nominee, Boardwalk Subs, complete with pickles and cookies. And on Thursday, our Academy for Health Sciences & Technology, headed by our partnership with Spectrum Health, treated the staff to a wonderful lunch prepared by the Spectrum Health Nutrition Services department.

As if that was not enough, many partners came together to provide swag bags for each of our staff members complete with movie passes to Celebration Cinema, the UICA, notebooks, utility pens, lunch bags and more. To top it off, the staff was treated to an individual bundt cake from Nothing Bundt Cake.

We understand that teachers are integral, but it does take a village and our counselors, youth advocates, parapros, support staff, custodians and more are what allow us to open the doors of the school every day and provide the best possible educational environment for our students. To have the community partners come together and let the teachers and staff know how much they are valued made this a week where the building was particularly aglow with smiles.