November 18, 2020

Dear Harrison Park Staff,

Today we learned that a staff member at Harrison Park has tested positive for COVID-19.  Below are some items you need to know regarding this situation:

  • Harrison Park is cleaned daily and special attention will again be paid to employee work areas. The building does not need to be closed.
  • There were no close contact identified in this case so there are no staff who need to isolate or quarantine at this time.
  • If you remain symptom-free, you can continue working in the building.
  • Identifying and sharing specific information about those involved is prohibited by privacy/HIPAA regulations. We are following the medical guidance of the Kent County Health Department with additional guidance from our district nursing staff.
  • Should you or a member of your family become ill, please contact your supervisor, as well as your healthcare provider. If you become ill, please contact HR so COVID-19 related benefits can be discussed.
  • Staff in quarantine may not enter buildings or participate in district events and should remain home for the duration of the quarantine.
  • We are continuing to engage in mitigation and sanitization protocols to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

We greatly appreciate your partnership as we work together to support our students and staff during this time. Please contact me with any questions you have in the coming days.


Heather Thompson, Principal


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With the help of caring staff, parents, and community members, students are encouraged to become lifelong learners and to reach their full potential through clear expectations, accountability, and cooperation. Harrison Park is located on the city’s west side. The historic building has been renovated and updated with modern classrooms and common areas to support student learning.

Harrison ParkConsider Harrison Park for your child if:

  • You are seeking teachers who believe in your child’s potential to learn and achieve.
  • You want your child to learn in a state-of-the-art educational environment.
  • You value the stability and consistency of a kindergarten-to-grade-8 community.
  • You believe kids can rise to meet whatever challenges they face.
  • You want a curriculum designed to prepare students for college.


Harrison Park is proud to offer:

  • Challenge Scholars: Grand Rapids Community Foundation and GRPS are coming together to provide the academic, social and financial resources students need to prepare for and go to college. Challenge Scholars may be granted a renewable scholarship to a Michigan college, university or vocational school.
  • Harrison Park’s partnership with Kent School Services Network makes it a “community school” that provides eligible parents and students with access to in-house health and social services to ensure that children are physically, emotionally and socially prepared to learn.
  • Volunteer opportunities through Aquinas College, LaGrave Christian Reformed Church, and all three legs of the United Way (Family Literacy Program, Youth for Education Tomorrow [YET], and Schools of Hope)


Challenge Scholars understands the hard work that goes into reaching college and achieving success once there. In partnership with the Grand Rapids Community Foundation, students who start at Harrison Park in 6th grade and graduate with four years at Union High School are eligible for up to four years of tuition-free college.


  • Students keep their grades at or above a 2.0 GPA
  • Students have no 180-day expulsions
  • Students have 95% attendance


Starting in Fall 2016, the Grand Rapids Community Foundation and Grand Rapids Public Schools will be introducing our first group of Challenge Scholars Champions — a resource that helps families to understand the details of Challenge Scholars, and how they can connect with school and neighborhood resources.


Harrison Park is proud to have an outstanding team of teachers and support staff. In fact, 96% of parents surveyed said they feel like the school’s staff cares about their child. Students enjoy a welcoming learning environment where staff work together to meet the needs of all children.


Harrison Park has shown a commitment to ensuring students experience an engaging curriculum and high achievement. Staff work with each student to identify their needs and help them take their learning to the next level. As a result, 93% of parents feel their child is challenged at Harrison Park.


Harrison Park believes in meeting more than just academic needs. As a Kent School Services Network school, students and families have access to in-house health and social services. Harrison Park is also a cultural center to provide additional support to English language learners. Staff work closely with parents to ensure students are not only succeeding academically but also physically and emotionally.


The parents at Harrison Park are committed to partnering with school staff to build a positive, collaborative learning environment. Parents are welcomed and encouraged to be involved by school staff. The result is a collaborative partnership that benefits all students.


Staff at Harrison Park take a fair, firm, and consistent approach to discipline. In fact, 86% of parents said they see that the school’s rules are consistently enforced for all students. This approach is paired with a program known as Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (PB

Heather Thompson

Heather Thompson Ph.D.

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