Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I access GroupWise Web Access from home?

A. Click here to access GroupWise

Q. Where do I find Job Postings/Online Applications?

A Click here to view job postings and applications

Parental Resources / FAQ's

Please try some of our recommended Kid Friendly Sites listed below

Yahooligans / Does your child need math Help? / / Nasa for Kids

/  / HippoCampus

Need help finding a Career, College and/or University? / Monster Job Search / Monster Salary Helper / /

Q. What services are in place for homeless children?


Q: How can I enroll my child in a Grand Rapids Public School?

A: You will need three things: the student’s original birth certificate, their immunization record, and a proof of residency (not a driver’s license; rather a utility bill or other documents which indicate your address). To find out about your school choices, call 616-819-2150.

Q: How do I find information for a student with special needs?

A: Call the Special Education Department at 616-819-2185.

Q: Where can I find schools that are college prep?

A: All Grand Rapids Public Schools work to prepare students for a variety of post-secondary options, including college, certificate programs, and career. 

Q: Are there any specialty or theme schools?

A: Yes. Theme schools offer the core curriculum through a unique lens, including environmental science, arts and music, global studies, leadership, Montessori, International Baccalaureate and more. In many theme schools, students have the opportunity for place-based education and exciting extracurricular programming to enhance their learning. The Centers of Innovation are unique public-private partnerships that offer students a rigorous classroom education along with opportunities to connect with professional mentors, complete job shadowing and internships, and earn college and trade school credits or career certification to prepare them for in-demand, high paying here for more information

Q: Are there any after school programs available to students?

A: The district offers the LOOP after school program. Click here for information about LOOP

Q: How can parents get involved?

A: Parents can get involved in several ways. They can sign up as a Parent Action Leader (PAL). PALs help educate, recruit, and engage parents and community volunteers in the classrooms and school activities. They may also sign up to be a Parent Action Volunteer (PAV) 616-819-2131.

Q. Are GRPS board meetings able to be viewed on line.

A. Yes! Click here to view the GRPS video player.

Q: Where can I find information about all day kindergarten and preschool?

A: Call the Early Childhood office at 616-819-2111.

Q: What if my child is learning English?

A: The district has identified select schools as cultural centers, which offer enhanced language services and more than 170 highly qualified bilingual teachers. More information is available by calling 819-2129.