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What is my neighborhood school?

The attendance area finder only shows neighborhood school information.

Registration for returning and new students:

This form is to be completed when registering a new or returning student into the Grand Rapids Public Schools. If you are interested in a Theme School or Centers of Innovation Program you must also complete an application. (see below)


I have had one or more children enrolled in any Grand Rapids Public Schools or I am a current student who is over the age of 18. Please click the button below.

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I have never had a child enrolled in any Grand Rapids Public Schools. Please click the button below.

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What is required to enroll my child?

Legal Birth Certificate

  • Required by Law
  • The certificate MUST have an official government seal (Cannot use hospital issued certificate)

Proof of Residency

  • Utility Bill (gas, water, electric, cable) or rent receipt (Cannot use Driver’s license, cell phone bill or insurance bill)

Shot Record

  • With up-to-date immunizations

Academic Records

  • Transcripts & withdrawal grades for High School student
  • Report card for students in graded Kinder – 8th

Emergency Contact Information

  • Names, addresses and WORKING phone numbers of two people we can contact and release your child to if we cannot reach you

Apply Now!!! to our Theme Schools and Centers of Innovation Programs:

Theme schools follow a distinctive curriculum based on a special theme or method of instruction, encourage, voluntary selection by the student and parent and may, when appropriate, provide Access to students who live outside of the school district. Theme schools also promote and encourage a diverse student population.

KISD Section 6 Release

In order to enroll a student that does not reside within the public school district the student must be released by his/her resident school district.

KISD Section 6 Release - is only valid for ONE (1) SCHOOL YEAR. If the release is approved the parent/guardian will have to reapply again the following school year and are not guaranteed release again.

Once completed, please print the form and submit to our office for processing.

KISD Schools of Choice

The Schools of Choice plan is designed to provide the best possible education for the vast majority of families who choose their home district, while accommodating those who would like to transfer to another school.

The KISD Schools of Choice plan is a lottery-oriented system, not a first-come, first-served one. All applications are accepted from the opening date through the deadline date at 4:00 p.m. at the school you have selected. Only one application may be submitted and families who submit more than one may be disqualified from the entire process.

For additional information visit:

Student Transfer

Students are expected to attend their assigned neighborhood school. A transfer is completed for a student to attend a school other than the neighborhood school established by the Grand Rapids Public Schools. Consideration shall be given to the transfer of students from their base/zoned school to a requested school, provided the requested school is not closed to transfers. Does not apply for Theme Schools or Centers of Innovation Programs.   Transportation will not be provided for students on a transfer.

Once completed, please print the form and submit to our office for processing.

Alternative Education Application (Southeast Career Pathways)

Our goal is to ensure Credit Recovery opportunities above and beyond what a base high school can provide for students who are considered severely credit deficit. Student must be 16-19 years of age. A parent/guardian will need to complete an Alternative Education Application and submit to the building counselor for review.

Grand Rapids Learning Center @ GRCC

This is a unique college-preparatory high school completion program. This program is a partnership between the Grand Rapids Public Schools and Grand Rapids Community College.

This program is an important step to earn your high school diploma, identify a career path, and/or transition to college. Program participants must be 16-19 years of age and committed to excellent attendance and high school completion.

For additional information visit: