What is Challenge 5?

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It’s the GRPS 2016-17 attendance challenge!

Strive for less than five absences this year.
Every day you miss school, whether excused or unexcused, you miss opportunities to learn, which limits your success. So this year, strive for less than five!Challenge 5 Attendance Matters

It’s the GRPS 2016-17 parent challenge!

Opportunities to get involved exist at every GRPS school. See what’s happening at YOUR school this year, and strive to participate five times to support your child’s success in school!

It’s the new Parent University challenge!

Strive to take five classes this year and earn Power Parent status. A joint venture of GRPS and Believe 2 Become, Parent University will offer both in-person and online classes beginning in October. Learn more at parents.grps.org.

It’s the help your baby grow smarter challenge!

Parent of a child age 5 months to 5 years? Call (616) 819-1406 to learn more about Baby Scholars, and how you can help your baby grow smarter!