Here at Innovation High School, we take saving the environment into great consideration. Partnering with the Paper Gator recycling program, we have not only learned how to save the planet, but through this program we were able to raise funds for our school. Why do we do it? Being good representatives of our resources is a great reason by itself, but in case you didn’t know, you can also earn funds for recycling! You may be wondering where the paper goes. The paper will be picked up and taken to BPV Environmental in Byron Center, Michigan or Quincy Recycling in New Haven, Indiana to be processed after the bin has been filled.

 The paper will be shredded and processed into hydro seeding mulch, lawn establishment products, lawn repair products, Fresh News® Cat Litter, dog litter, small animal bedding, small animal litter, or recycled at paper mills, cellulose insulation manufacturers or other recycling facilities. The things that can be fixated into the paper gator are as follows: Newsprint, Catalogs/Magazines, Junk Mail, Phone Books, Office/School paper, Hard and soft cover books. Things that we avoid putting in the paper gator are: Plastic, Metal, Trash, Glass, Cardboard, Paperboard (Grocery Item boxes). Help become the next big thing by helping your school support your community.

Submitted by Patriellia Whittington (ABLE '15)