City High Middle School is an authorized MYP World School.

This program is designed for students in grades six through ten.

Students complete coursework in the following areas for the MYP:

English, Humanities, Technology, Mathematics, Arts, Sciences, Physical Education, World Language (Chinese or Spanish).  Students must study these courses throughout their tenure as MYP students. 

There are three core tenents of the MYP:Students must take the same world language course (Chinese or Spanish) throughout the duration of the Middle Years and the Diploma Programmes (grades seven through twelve).

1.  Holistic Learning

2.  Intercultural Awareness

3.  Communication

City meets these tenents through our teachers' common planning time and how we approach instruction.  As our teachers plan together, they form MYP unit questions.  A MYP unit question might be "how do I impact my environment?" or "How do I create?"  Through these unit questions, students are able to discuss a 'big picture' concept that will guide the MYP unit.

Intercultural awareness is present in the classroom by having students examine their world view and compare and contrast that world view people from different countries and cultures.

Students are involved in communication through all of their coursework and through the studying of a second language (Chinese, French, or Spanish).

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