Excel at BURTON

Transformed with an award-winning $27.5 million renovation in 2007-2009, Burton features a glass-roofed media center and 549-seat auditorium in an 85-yearold historical treasure. It offers the latest technology and school/classroom design to foster educational growth and excellence. It is located in Southwest Grand Rapids. Burton Elementary and Middle Schools promotes a diverse, respectful community of academic achievement by involving students, parents, and CALL OR VISIT TO APPLY community in the learning process.

Burton has dedicated bilingual staff to support students and families. The school serves as one of the district’s cultural centers and provides bilingual support to English language learners. Burton offers a language lab and Spanish-supported classes. These classes are assisted by teachers’ aides to enhance the educational experience.

The teachers at Burton are committed to student success. They go above and beyond to ensure that student’s needs are met, that parents are involved in their child’s education, and that students have a positive experience. In a recent survey, 88% of parents said they feel comfortable talking with their child’s teachers.

Burton has shown a commitment to ensuring students experience an engaging curriculum and high achievement. Staff work with each student to identify their needs and help them take their learning to the next level. As a result, 83% of parents feel their child is challenged at school.

Parents are their child’s first teacher and Burton recognizes how important it is for parents to be an active part of their child’s education. 86% of parents said they have regular opportunities to be involved at Burton. Parents are welcomed as volunteers, at family nights, and in their child’s classroom.

Staff at Burton take a fair, firm, and consistent approach to discipline. In fact, 85% of parents said they see that the school’s rules are consistently enforced for all students. This approach is paired with a program known as Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (PBIS), which recognizes students for making good choices and showing positive behavior. The result is a safe and secure learning environment.

Allison Woodside de Carrillo
Burton Elementary 

2133 Buchanan Ave SW
Grand Rapids, MI
Breakfast 8:10 A.M.
Start Time 8:30 A.M.
Dismissal 3:26 P.M.

  • Allison Woodside Burton Elementary Principal

Michael Perez
Burton Middle 

2133 Buchanan Ave SW
Grand Rapids, MI
Breakfast 7:15 A.M.
Start Time 
7:40 A.M.
2:21 P.M.