1001 Introduction and Information PDF
  Board Purpose
  Governing Philosophies
  Special Elections
  Advice of Legal Counsel
1005 District Authority PDF
1010 District Legal Status PDF
1015 District Mission Statement PDF
1017 Equity Policy PDF
1020 Bylaws PDF
  Amendment of Bylaws
  Suspension of Bylaws
1030 Membership PDF
  Term of Office
1032 Powers, Duties, and Governing Philosophies PDF
  Governing Philosophies
1035 Student Representative to the Board and Alternate PDF
1040 District Goals and Objectives PDF
1150 Board Officers PDF
  President Role & Responsibilities
  Vice President Duties & Responsibilities
  Treasurer Duties & Responsibilities
  Secretary Duties & Responsibilities
  Board Member Duties & Responsibilities
1155 Removal of a Board Officer from Office PDF
1160 New Member Orientation PDF
1162 Board Member Development Opportunities PDF
  Board Certification
1168 Reimbursement of Expenses PDF
1170 Board Position Vacancies PDF
1180 Board Committees PDF
  Standing Committees
  Ad Hoc and Advisory Committees
1185 Board-Superintendent Relations PDF
1191 Attorney PDF
1300 Meetings PDF
  Special Meetings
  Emergency Meetings
  Information/Work/Study Sessions
  Adjourned Meetings
1305 Electronic Meetings PDF
1310 Closed Sessions PDF
1320 Agenda PDF
  Consent Agenda
1320-R Rules: Agenda PDF
1330 Rules of Order PDF
  Presiding Officer
  Motions and Resolutions
  Rules of Procedure
  Amendment/Suspension of Bylaws and Policies
1350 Voting Method PDF
  Voting and Calling of Roll
1360 Minutes PDF
1370 Public Participation PDF
  Handling of Complaints
1375 Mailing of Notices and Documents to the Public PDF
1400 News Coverage PDF
  Broadcasting and Taping
  Recording Devices
  Reporting Board Meetings
1510 Bylaw and Policy Development System PDF
  Draft Writer
  Attorney Involvement
  Staff Involvement
  Community Involvement
  Student Involvement
1550 Bylaw and Policy Adoption PDF
  Policy Dissemination
  Policy Review
1570 Review of Administrative Regulations PDF
1575 Administration in Absence of Policy PDF
1600 Board Records PDF
1730 Board Legislative Program PDF
  Legislative Representative
  Recommended Legislation
  Legislative Presentations
1750 Board Self-Assessment/Evaluation PDF
1800 Public School Academies PDF
  Contract Limitations
  Board of Directors
1900 Contracts and Board Member Disclosure Obligations PDF
1950 Board Member Conflict of Interest, Ethics, and Responsibilities PDF
  Board Member Responsibilities
  Board Members' Code of Conduct
1950-R Rules: Board Member Conflict of Interest, Ethics, and Responsibilities PDF
  First Violation
  Second Violation
  Third Violation
  Fourth Violation