GRPS Opening 7 Meal Sites

GRPS is opening a total of seven nutrition service “grab and go” meal sites. The sites will be open daily, Monday through Friday, from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm. As directed by the Michigan Department of Education, up to two meals per day may be served to all children ages 18 and under, for free and will be counted at the point of service. The free meals will be a breakfast/lunch combo and are available for all students 18 years of age and younger. This includes students with disabilities ages 18-26 with an active individual education program (IEP). The meals are not limited to GRPS students.

Starting Monday, March 16, there will be four sites open:

  • New Faith Temple (1701 Kalamazoo Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49507)
  • San Juan Diego Academy (1650 Godfrey Ave SW, Wyoming, MI 49509)
  • Creston Plaza Apartments (1080 Creston Plaza NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503)
  • Campau Commons (821 Division Ave S, Grand Rapids, MI 49503)

Starting Tuesday, March 17, three additional sites will be opening:

  • Hope Academy (240 Brown St. SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49507)
  • Sibley Elementary (943 Sibley St. NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504)
  • Ottawa Hills High School (2055 Rosewood SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506).

These are subject to change and additional sites may be added.