FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – November 20, 2019

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GRPS Increases Enrollment for Second Time in Two Decades

Grand Rapids Public Schools celebrated another successful Count Day. The district is proud to announce a 20-student increase over last year’s enrollment.

For the last two decades, Grand Rapids Public Schools has experienced enrollment declines, averaging between a 400 to 600 student loss annually. Last year’s fall count, adjusted for the transition of center-based special education, was 15,329 students. Fall 2019 shows a count of 15,349 students—214 students over the budgeted enrollment projections.

“GRPS is proud to announce that we had our second-best Count Day in two decades - increasing enrollment by 20 students over last fall and 214 students over budget projections,” said Interim Superintendent Ron Gorman. “The energy, excitement, and momentum continue to grow as more and more parents are learning about all the great school choices we have to offer at GRPS.”