Dear GRPS Parents and Staff:

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding as we have weathered through the severe winter conditions this year.

This has been an unprecedented year for weather for districts across the state. For GRPS, we have had eleven snow days. By law, we are allotted six snow days per year, and we received a waiver from the state superintendent for three additional days, giving us a total of nine days forgiven.

While GRPS and other school districts across Michigan are appealing for legislative action to forgive the canceled days that were associated with declared states of emergency, we are not confident that this legislation will be passed and signed by the governor in time. The legislation recently passed out of the state House committee and is awaiting action on the House floor. However, it would still need approval by the state Senate and the governor.

At this point, we must plan ahead to make up two snow days at the end of the school year. The last day of school is currently scheduled for Friday, May 31. We are instructing parents and staff to please plan on the school year being extended by two days: Monday, June 3 and last day on Tuesday, June 4. May 29 and May 30 will be full days, May 31, June 3, and June 4 will be half days. Changing half days to full days is not an option as half days are considered full days based on pupil accounting.

We will continue to monitor the legislation and will share additional communication based on what happens in Lansing.


Teresa Weatherall Neal, M.Ed.

Superintendent of Schools