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Adam London, RS, MPA
Administrative Health Officer PH: 616-632-7100 

Wednesday February 20, 2019

North Park Montessori School Parents and Guardians,

The Kent County Health Department will provide free walk-in lead testing for North Park Montessori students who have been displaced by the current asbestos investigation.

Currently KCHD is waiting for sampling and testing of North Park for lead. Once KCHD has those results, staff will be able to make evidence-based recommendations for regarding the need for lead testing.

KCHD understands some parents may be concerned that their children may have been exposed to lead during construction and some may wish to have their children tested for elevated blood levels even before the results of the current lead testing on the property are known. Because of those concerns and out of an abundance of caution KCHD will provide lead testing for children who attend North Park Montessori.

Testing will be available at the KCHD Main Clinic located at 700 Fuller NE, Grand Rapids, MI. 49503 during the hours listed below. Interested parents do not need to make an appointment to receive the testing.

Lead testing will involve pricking the tip of your child’s finger to obtain a small blood sample. For those who have elevated blood lead levels ≥ 4.5 µg/dL, a confirmatory sample will be obtained from the vein. Those samples are sent to a lab for testing. Results can take up to 1-2 weeks. If these results are ≥ 4.5 µg/dL, the child will be referred to our lead program and the parents will be contacted.

Lead testing done at an outside office or lab for children over the age of 6 may not be covered by insurance as the school has not yet been tested for lead, but families can certainly talk to their children’s primary care providers.

These free lead blood tests are only being offered to those affected by the North Park Montessori School investigation.

Walk- In Testing Hours Thursday 2/21/19 1pm- 7pm

Friday 2/22/19 8am-11:30am 12:45pm-4:45pm

Monday 2/25/19, Tuesday 2/26/19, Wednesday 2/27/19 & Friday 3/1/19

8am-11:30am 12:45-4:45PM

Thursday 2/28/19 10am- 12:45pm 1:45pm-7pm

People who have questions about lead testing should call (616) 632-7200

Lead Fact Sheet: American Academy of Pediatrics: initiatives/lead-exposure/Pages/Lead-Exposure-in-Children.aspx initiatives/lead-exposure/Pages/Lead-Exposure-in-Children.aspx

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