Dear Parents/Guardians, 
The end of the first marking period on October 16 is fast approaching. As a district, we are exploring plans to offer both a hybrid in-person school option and a 100% virtual option starting the first week of the second marking period. 
To help our teachers and administrators plan for both the new hybrid in-person option and the existing 100% virtual option, we need you to please commit to one of the following options for your student(s) on or before Monday, September 28. 
Option 1: Hybrid In-Person
Begin hybrid in-person instruction the week of October 19. Your student will have at least two (2) days of in-person instruction per week. Conditions will be monitored to determine if or when we may transition to 100% in-person. On days when students are not in school in-person, they will continue to work virtually. After the first semester, parents/guardians will be given another opportunity to opt in for 100% virtual learning.

Option 2: 100% Virtual
Continue to participate in 100% virtual learning. Your student will continue to work exclusively from home. After the first semester, parents/guardians will be given another opportunity to opt in for hybrid in-person learning.
Once a selection is made, you are committing to that option until the beginning of the second semester/third marking period (January 4, 2021). The district will work with families to address any extenuating circumstances.
Parents/guardians who do not make a commitment by Monday, September 28 will automatically have their student(s) placed in Option 1 (Hybrid In-Person).
A link to the online commitment form is being emailed to your student’s gmail account.
 If you have more than one student, you will need to access each of your student’s email accounts and complete the form using the link in the email. You may also call the district hotline at 616-301-1111 and a call center agent can assist you with the online commitment form. 
Thank you very much for your prompt response. If you have any questions or need more information, you are encouraged to contact the school directly. Thank you.
Leadriane Roby, Ph.D.
Superintendent of Schools