Grand Rapids, MI- The Academy of Health Sciences just got larger. With the Centers of Innovation Selection Nite completed and more than 60% of the students having selected their academy of choice for next year, the Freshmen were introduced to their new family during this month's CoI meetings. Eighty students have selected AHST so far and were seamlessly included into the bleachers in the Main Gym to a warm welcome with applause from the Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors already a part of AHST. 160215 AHST welcomes new Freshman HSTers

After the Freshman were included into the group, students were presented with the option of Radiology as a career. Catheryn Peplinski, the manager of the Diagnostic Ultrasound at Spectrum Health came to the meeting to talk with students about this career choice. X-rays, ultrasounds, CAT scans and MRIs are all part of a fast-paced and intriguing profession. It also requires students to not only learn the body parts, but also to be able to recognize them from different angles and points of view.

160215 Catheryn Peplinski from Spectrum Health

Ms. Peplinski did make a distinction between the radiologist, who is an MD and is able to read the scans, and a radionlogy technnologist, who is the person manipulating the machinery as well as the patient to optimize the procedure for the Radiologist. A Radiologist goes through pre-Med, Medical School and then specialization to get to the position. In smaller hospitals, there is an on-call associated with the position, where the doctor must make themselves available 24/7. In bigger institutions , like Spectrum Health, the likelihood of an on-call component to the job is very small.

A radiology technologist can start anywhere from $20.00 per hour and it can rapidly move up the scale to higher pay. This can be achieved with an Associate's Degree in a two year program. There is a demand for radiolgists as well as radiology technologists, so it is an option students should keep open.

160215 C. Peplinski tells AHST abt Radiology as career

We appreciate Ms. Peplinski for joining the Academy of Health Sciences & Technology  for our meeting and illuminating the students about the radiology careers available.