Did you know that there are over 21,000 people employed by Spectrum Health? On April 2nd, the entire Freshmen class, and a Sophomore class from Innovation Central visited Spectrum Health Butterworth Hospital to explore the various careers available in health. The students discovered new careers including speech pathology, corporate finance, and security services. Erica Newberg, a speech pathologist, shared how she helps people who have speaking disorders, those that have had strokes, and children who have muscle disorders. One student said after, “My favorite part of the day was learning how doctors could travel the world and help give surgery to repair children’s mouths who have cleft lip.” The chief of security spoke on how their mission was to reduce anxiety and make visitors feel safe. Two officers walked their highly trained German Sheppard dogs into the auditorium and demonstrated some tricks. The dogs are trained to detect explosives and search rooms, track missing people, but most of all they relieve patient’s anxiety. Most of their day is spent visiting rooms where they can lay next to patients and comfort them.  Another employee, Idongesit Ibok, was a Human Resource specialist who spoke about the opportunity that he had to emigrate from Nigeria to play basketball at MSU, then eventually found a great job with Spectrum Health. His now welcomes and trains new employees. He informed the students that Spectrum hires about 8 new employees every week! The final presenter, Ryan Schmall was a talent recruiter, and he spoke about interview skills and professionalism. One message left with was especially important, “the decisions you make now will determine your future in ways you may not expect.” He referred to examples of people who ruined future career opportunities by committing petty crimes or ruining their image through misuse of social media, or even getting inappropriately placed tattoos. ICHS teacher Mr. Lewis organized this Spectrum trip for the third consecutive year. He says, “This is a great opportunity to see what career opportunities are available to our students in the medical field.” This trip was just one of the many incredible community based learning opportunities that are to follow for these ICHS freshmen and sophomores.  

Submitted by Kyle Jelens (ICHS Staff)