Today was a really good day at the YMCA; we had a great group of students together. We worked great and everybody got along. We had a wonderful bus ride there and back. I really enjoyed the games and the exercises that the YMCA had planned for us. The YMCA leaders were so amazing at working with all of the students at once. The leaders made sure everyone got to do at least one thing that they liked to do. All the students were on task and listened when the YMCA leaders were explaining to us what we had to do. My experience at the YMCA was incredible because I have never been on a field trip with two classes of freshmen together and come back without complaint. The teachers that came along on the trip would really agree with me that this was an incredible experience.

 This experience today at the YMCA related to a lot of things we do in the Academy of Health Sciences & Technology. Before we did the exercise the leaders were telling us about how it was going to warm us up and help us out through the rest of the day. On regular days we do a warm up before we do the actual work so that we can be prepared for what’s next. After we did their exercise we were prepared to play the games. Today’s experience also related to teamwork. In AHST class sometimes we have to work as a team on particular projects.  At the YMCA we had to work with groups for the games we played.  We used different strategies to work together so that everyone could participate in the games.

Submitted by Anita Rhymes (’18)