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GRPS OHHS PublicSafety Academy

The Academy of Public Safety Services will prepare students for a post-secondary career in the police, fire, or military. As part of their core curriculum and elective courses, students will learn the techniques and skills necessary to be successful in their chosen track. Similar to police or fire academies, or basic training, the academy will balance classroom learning and hands-on field experience interacting with local, state, and federal agencies to gain real-world experience as part of their training. Internship and job shadow opportunities will also be available and encouraged. Partnerships are being pursued to provide clear pathways to post-secondary certifications and employment, not the least of these is with the City of Grand Rapids and local industries. Extracurricular activities, such as JROTC, will be offered to provide more immersive experiences for students.

The integrated curriculum, supported by The National Academy Foundation (NAF), will combine principles of police and firefighting into the core curriculum:

  • Specialized health and physical education courses
  • Great Customer Service Character Education course
  • Community and social dynamics
  • Using various sources, students learn about respect, responsibility, integrity, initiative, service, sacrifice, leadership, and how to work together to promote social change
  • Work-based learning opportunities, such as job shadowing, tours of the local police & fire stations, internships with the City of Grand Rapids Police and Fire Departments, and visiting speakers.

Students who are considering a career in law enforcement would begin their post-secondary career by dual enrolling at Grand Rapids Community College or Grand Valley State University. Dual enrollment would be advantageous for the Public Safety Services students to complete the prerequisite courses in law enforcement courses while in high school. After graduation, students wishing to pursue a career as a police officer can enroll in the Grand Rapids Community College Police Academy, which is a 38-credit-hour Certificate that can be completed in less than two years. Upon completion of the academy, students can apply for law enforcement positions. Alternatively, students who want to pursue a career as a firefighter or in the security services can apply directly after high school. Both entities provide training for candidates accepted.

The Academy of Public Safety Services will prepare students for careers in the following industries:

  • Firefighter: $25,170 - $88,920
  • Police Officer: $36,550 - $106,090
  • Armed Services (enlisted members): $22,608 -$98,903

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