Find below the QR Code links to the videos describing the various forms of engineering we can find in our building. Use a QR Code reader on your phone (free app) in order to scan the appropriate QR Code and bring up the augmented reality video.




    Stair Stringer                                               Building Column                            Chair Design & Adapting to New Technologies                                               


AME Mentoring Session 6 Stair Stringer QR                                        AME Mentor Session 6 Building Columns QR Code                                       AME Mentor Session 6 Steelcase QR Code



 High Pressure Sodium Lighting                            HVAC                                                 Traffic


            AME Mentor Session 6 Lights QR Code                                AME Mentor Session 6 HVAC QR Code                                  AME Mentor Session 6 Traffic QR Code







Parking Lots                           Heating & Air Conditioning                        Road Design