GRAND RAPIDS, MI-- Selected students from the group of rising-10th grade students at Innovation Central  High School, who have registered for the Academy of Modern Engineering, were treated to a one day engineering camp provided by the Professionals Encouraging Educational Reform (P.E.E.R.S.) Foundation. The CREATE Camp is targeted at introducing the concepts of Engineering and math into music.160513 CREATE Camp Gateway to Exploration

The P.E.E.R.S. team came in the afternoon on the day before the camp to set up a very appealing and welcoming venue inside the school. At no cost to the school, this camp was funded through the P.E.E.R.S. Foundation parent company, CEP  (Cutting Edge Production). This was the first time P.E.E.R.S. had run the CREATE Camp. By all measures, this event had students discovering the exciting world connected to the Academy they had chosen for next year.

 160513 CREATE Camp Creating Music on Synthesizers

The P.E.E.R.S. organizers identified four key components of Engineering to guide the students through during the day. The day started with an introduction to the design concept, moved to looking at prototyping, and subsequently to having the students code music and ending with allowing them to create their own synthesizer using the Little Bits robotic components kits.160513 CREATE Camp Coding Music

The revolution of sound bouncing around the walls of the ADC Small Gyn was, at times, both melodious and discordant. However, as the students continued to manipulate the coding program or the filters and speakers, the musical notes and tones became much more linked and recognizable. Students began to veer off the prescribed curriculum, work ahead, experiment with the tones and express themselves through their combination of chords.160513 CREATE Camp Design Space

As Innovation Central continues to build its reputation for excellent academics and involved experiences, the opportunities will continue to help expand the minds of students. They begin to realize the breadth of the field of Engineering and the depth to which they can explore their interests. With the camp coming at no cost to the school, it paid us tenfold in the providing the students an experience they are not soon to forget.

 160513 CREATE Camp Building Synthesizers