Former GRPS student Peter LaPonsie recently receoved a perfect score on his ASVAB test, a test given by the military for possible placement into one of the branches of the armed forces. LaPonsie is a 2014 graduate of Innovation Central High School and was a student in the Academy of Modern Engineering, formerly known as GRAPCEP. U.S. Navy Petty Officer Loren Schultz reports that the perfect score is at least a “one in a thousand” occurrence, which illustrates just how impressive this academic achievement is.


As a result of this perfect score, the U.S. Navy is offering Peter a slot in their two-year Nuclear Engineering Program, a mentally and academically-challenging and elite program where the curriculum has been created by the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). If Peter does well in these two year and finishes in the top 10% of his class- and a perfect ASVAB score would indicate that this is very likely- he will be offered a seat at Officer Candidate School and will also be offered a two year extension and $100,000 to stay with the U.S. Navy program, which really is a tremendous opportunity.


This program will teach Peter LaPonsie about national security as it relates to nuclear power and will teach him nuclear propulsion and the nuclear engineering curriculum, which is highly top secret. Only specifically-qualified and a select group of people are able to continue through this program. This program is responsible for the nuclear capabilities that the U.S. Navy aircraft carriers and submarines utilize for energy to make sure the United States and the world are safe.


If Peter LaPonsie is successful in this program, he will set himself up for life, either by working for the U.S. Navy as long as he likes, or he can opt to leave the Navy and work in one of the 99 nuclear power plants in the United States, of which 34 have boiling water reactors. Both options are very high-paying jobs.

This success story is the result of Peter’s hard work through high school and parental support, and is also the result of part of Superintendent Weatherall-Neal’s


Transformation Plan GRPS plan to bring the schools-within-schools that were previously located at Central, Creston, Ottawa Hills and Union High Schools all together at Innovation Central two school years ago. Everyone in GRPS and at Innovation Central wishes Peter LaPonsie the best of luck in what looks like a very promising future.