Sophomores … This is your world. . .  How will YOU make a difference? 

Students will spend 2-weeks on the campus of the University of Michigan exploring real-life, multifaceted problems that are solved through engineering.

The Michigan Introduction to Technology & Engineering (MITE) program is designed to excite, engage, educate and empower students currently in the 10th grade with an integrated curriculum that centers on an engineering based project. This year the 13 day camp takes place July 6th thru 18th. These students also participate in workshops preparing them for college alongside activities outside of the classroom, including guided tours of the college and university facilities and outdoor recreation activities.

ANY interested 10th graders interested need to submit a typed essay stating HOW will attending this workshop benefit you and change your academic future.  The essay deadline is Monday, March 16th and needs to be submitted to Mr. Larson (room 315).  All expenses on campus are paid, students need to arrange their own transportation to and from the camp.

Article By: Michael Larson

Science Teacher, Innovation Central