GRAND RAPIDS, MI- Dematic Corporation continued their partnership with the Academy for Design & Construction (ADC) at Innovation Central HS with another round of philanthropic giving. This year, the students selected the Salvation Army to be the beneficiary. The Salvation Army has been chosen twice in the last three years by the students to receive the check for $1,500 from the Dematic Employee Association (D.E.A).

 160506 Hartness and Ramirez present to Major Grainger of SA on behalf of DEA
160506 Hartness and Ramirez presenting to DEA and SA

Students in the ADC Design class had another chance to select a charity from the list provided to them by the D.E.A. and put together a presentation for their fellow classmates. The students then practiced a few times before they put it in front of the ADC as a whole to select a winner. The presentations by the students were a large part of helping the ADC students understand what each charity represented and does for the Greater Grand Rapids community and then made their selections based on personal preference. Sometimes it was a personal connection, or even a loose connection, that helped them make their decisions, and sometimes it was the information provided in the presentation by their classmates.

 160506 Hartness and Ramirez presenting to DEA and SA

Jacob Hartness (ADC '16) and Andres Ramirez (ADC '16) was the student team that convinced their classmates of the worthiness of the Salvation Army of Kent County. Andres in particular was compelling in his presentation as he had a personal connection to the organization. As he shared in his presentation, the Salvation Army was instrumental in helping his family when he was younger and the family had fallen on hard times. It made his decision on who to choose to research very easy.


This partnership between ADC at Innovation Central and the D.E.A. is one that has been ongoing for the past 4 years and will hopefully continue for many years to come. the value added for our students to be a part of the giving makes them feel compelled to stay involved with the charities and view it as an opportunity to understand the benefit of community service as a whole.