On March 16, 2015 we had a speaker, Henry Prins, from Rasmussen Exteriors, who is actually the company owner. He originally started out young in the construction field, and the first job he had was pouring concrete. He started the company with some of his buddies. They do roofing, siding, and windows. He is looking for good, honest, hard- working individuals, who are willing to learn. The pay starts off from $10 to $22 an hour. They do both commercial and residential construction. It is easy to get a job in his company; all you need is a good work ethic and strong constitution. It is expected that you will have your own set of tools; however he will provide the bigger tools, like table saws and nail guns, etc.

He will help in any way he can to get his employees to the place to where they are happy. Taking care of employees is a top priority. New employees are actually helped along the way, and are not just expected to know everything.  If you don’t know something, he urges you to ask questions. It is important to have the willingness to learn. The regular work hours are from 7am to 5pm a day. It is common to work extra hours to complete the job, and you usually have to travel.  Employees will have to work through rough, bitter winter, and scorching hot days to get the job done in the set amount of time given by the customer.  

Submited by Gabe Hall (ADC ’15) and Franky Tinervia (ADC ’16)