Consider Westwood for your child if:
- You are seeking teachers who believe in your child’s potential to learn and achieve.
- You want your child to learn in an environment of high expectations. 
- You believe students benefit from a positive and encouraging community.
- You value strong relationships with faculty and other parents.


Westwood Middle is proud to offer:

- Parent Teacher Community Council.
- English as Second Language (ESL)services.

- Challenge Scholars: Grand Rapids Community Foundation and GRPS are coming together to provide the academic, social and financial resources students need to prepare for and go to college. Challenge Scholars may be granted a renewable scholarship to a Michigan college, university or vocational school.
- TRIO, Talent Search, KSSN.


Excel at Westwood

Thanks to the Grand Rapids Community Foundation’s “Challenge Scholars” initiative, 6th grade students who attend Westwood Middle and continue to graduate from Union High School may be eligible for a renewable scholarship to a Michigan public college, university or vocational training provider for up to four years. In order to qualify, students must meet criteria including maintaining good grades, excellent attendance, and exemplary behavior. In addition to the college/ vocation training scholarship opportunity, students will benefit from math and literacy coaches and a career pathway coordinator.

Academic Excellence:
Westwood Middle is earning recognition for its academic gains and educational improvements that include meeting federal Adequate Yearly Progress standards and consistently increasing MEAP scores.

Language Center for English Language Learners:
Westwood is a dedicated Language Center with highly qualified bi-lingual teachers providing additional support services for English language learners.

Westwood offers the LOOP After School program with rigorous academic and enrichment programs for all students. In addition to LOOP, Westwood offers the Yo Puedo program serving Latino/Hispanic students.

Rules, Safety, Discipline: All GRPS schools provide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (PBIS). PBIS is a proactive, team-based framework for creating and sustaining safe and effective schools. Educators emphasize prevention of problem behavior, development of pro-social skills, and the use of data-based problem solving for addressing existing behavior concerns. The result is a fair, firm and consistent approach to rules, safety, and discipline.

Dennis Branson
Westwood Middle 
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